Stephanie Leger

Stephanie is a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor and a certified yoga instructor through YogaWorks leading group and private classes in studios, corporate settings, private homes, addiction recovery groups, mental health facilities, chronic pain recovery centers and an abused women and children shelter. As a devoted yoga student and teacher, she is passionate about making yoga accessible for all.

Several years ago, while working in the corporate world, she experienced a painful and disruptive spine injury that changed her life.  Returning to yoga after the injury ignited her passion and inspired her to become a yoga instructor and an advocate for health and wellness with a focus in anatomy, movement of the body and the ability to heal. Due to this experience, she fully comprehends and is sympathetic to those suffering with injuries and is a champion for recovery as well as avoiding injury and disease in the first place.

Stephanie designs her classes to safely challenge any level of student, describes straightforward movements and smooth transitions while supporting and encouraging students to listen to their bodies. Her soothing voice and sequencing of postures provide a place to feel grounded, centered and ultimately lead you to feel better in your body. 

The cornerstones of Stephanie’s classes are incorporating breath with movement for a mind body connection and learning the key to life - balance. 


Yoga Tune Up®

Stephanie has been studying directly with Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up® since the fall of 2013. Yoga Tune Up® is a refreshing method with a strong emphasis in anatomy and movement-based therapy that empowers students to eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance mobilizing individuals to live and feel better in their body. 

Based on the study of this methodology, Stephanie incorporates yoga poses, corrective exercises, therapeutic movement, breath work and Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball techniques that encourage each student to explore and discover their own unique body blind spots - areas that have been neglected, overburdened and/or misused.  The Yoga Tune Up® style of teaching increases muscle strength, improves flexibility and enhances overall body function.   

Stephanie integrates the therapy balls into many of her classes, which provide self-guided deep tissue massage that relieve pain and untangle tension from muscles, joints and tissues while bringing the body back into balance.


Stephanie has always been fascinated by human resilience especially in regards to trauma – physical and/or emotional and the ability to heal. It’s no wonder that a natural pattern of trainings, certifications and studies have weaved in and out of Stephanie's life becoming the backbone of her work.

Stephanie’s background includes graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with an undergraduate degree in psychology, with an emphasis in PTSD. Beyond her 200 hour yoga training with YogaWorks, she studied with Hala Khouri, a ground breaking advocate who developed a program specific to teaching yoga instructors how to teach yoga to those at risk (traumatized) – for example: gang members, abused women and children, veterans and car accident survivors.

Compelled to apply her knowledge and stress relieving techniques outside of the yoga room, Stephanie furthered her training and was certified as a health and wellness consultant through the Catalyst Coaching Institute established in Denver, Colorado.  The institute approaches wellness holistically and is founded on the successful technique of motivational interviewing (M.I.).

Although a dedicated yoga instructor, Stephanie considers herself a forever student. Through continued education, trainings and studying her clients, she also enjoys the experience of learning with her students.  In gratitude to all of her students – past, present and future she is honored to be on this journey with them and whole-heartedly embraces this crazy, wild ride called life.