Stephanie travels to privates homes, membership based facilities, corporate offices, rehabilitation centers and also rents studio space as desired. Her offerings and experience are diverse - ranging from lunch time corporate yoga classes, groups recovering from addiction to individuals seeking personalized classes designed for their individual needs.    While teaching is her passion, she also supervises the yoga program at a leading rehabilitation facility in the state of California.  Recruiting and training yoga instructors for the program, while managing the trauma sensitive yoga classes that reach roughly 100 patients on a weekly basis keeps her busy, yet extremely fulfilled.  

Below is snapshot of where you can find her in the community.  Don't forget to frequently check in with her workshop schedule as she usually has something special for her students that would like to dive in deeper and experience her teaching in a more extended format.  To customize a group or private class, connect with Stephanie. 

Public Yoga Classes:


5:00 p.m. @ Asana Fit, San Clemente


5:00 p.m. @ Asana Fit, San Clemente




7:30a.m. @ Bella Collina, San Clemente