As Featured on CBS News, "Is it possible to heal depression and anxiety with yoga?"

Today's treatments for depression and anxiety leave much to be desired. Pharmaceuticals may help the symptoms, but they can also have negative side effects like weight gain and decreased sexual desire that may cause people to abandon medication altogether. As cases of depression and anxiety increase throughout the world, research is being conducted to find more sustainable and accessible treatments.  Read the full article on CBS News 


As Featured on the Yoga Tune Up® website, "Temper Down the Temporalis”

In my article on Wednesday, I described the temporalis muscle and how daily activities, such as talking and chewing can create tension for the jaw and temple. An easy way to discover if your temporalis is over worked and tender is to grab a block or a book and head to the floor. 

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As featured on the Yoga Tune Up® website, "Talking, Chewing And Tension – How Do They Relate?"

Talking, chewing and tension all have something in common – the temporalis muscle, which is located on the temporal aspect (the side) of the cranium. The temporalis is a broad, fan-shaped muscle that covers much of the temporal bone.

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ABC News 7 features Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls

Creator of Yoga Tune Up®, Jill Miller, is interviewed by ABC New's Lori Corbin.  The clip features an easy to understand explanation of how to ease your aches and pains whether they are from hitting the work-outs extra hard getting ready for summer or just from day to day life - picking up groceries, carrying children around or sitting in front a computer all day.  

As featured on the Yoga Tune Up® website, "Reverse Tension with the Reverse Crucifix"

Untangle and decompress the highly overcharged upper back and shoulders with Yoga Tune Up®’s Reverse Crucifix pose featured in the video clip below (click "Read More").  This pose takes care of stretching and releasing tension in not only the teres minor and deltoids, both discussed in the previous blog, but it also stretches and relieves tension from the trapezius, rhomboids, the infraspinatus and literally every upper back and shoulder muscle.

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As featured on the Yoga Tune Up® website, "You Are The Teres Minor To My Humerus"

Featured on the Yoga Tune Up® website, or you can read the article below.

Most of us have heard of the term rotator cuff before, but the truth is, there’s no actual cuff in any region of the shoulder.  The “rotator cuff” is a group of four muscles that includes the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis.

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As featured in South County Magazine's March, 2014 issue: "Get Rolling and Have a Ball"

Throughout Orange County and across the globe, there’s a buzz in the yoga, fitness, and wellness communities.  The excitement is surrounding Yoga Tune Up®, a refreshing movement-based method.  Part of the enthusiasm rests on a specialized two and a half inch rubber ball with the sole function of massaging the entire body.

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