"What first drew me to Stephanie's yoga class was her calm and welcoming presence and it was immediately obvious that she is genuinely interested and concerned by the questions she asked.  She is very knowledgeable and always offers modifications and alternative poses when applicable. Her desire to be of service to her students is evident during class, she teaches in an authentic manner and truly wants her students to have their own experience on the mat. She is also always available before and/or after class for questions/concerns.  Her sequences are well planned and unique and are both challenging and relaxing. I also really appreciate Stephanie's sense of humor and at times light hearted approach- yoga doesn't always have to be so serious." 

Yoga Student of Stephanie, 2017

"Patients enjoy and look forward to yoga class. Classes are relaxing and allow patients an alternative way to cope with anxiety and stress." 

Recovery Center Staff, 2017

I love Stephanie's caring demeanor and concern for everyone's body and their different ailments, where they are at physically and mentally for the day.  She's clear and concise with her direction and has great energy to lead the class.  I feel calm, refreshed and at peace with myself after yoga.   My body feels more open and energized, but relaxed at the same time.

Mental Health Patient, 2017

I feel better, more relaxed and happier with a lot less stress after yoga.  I am truly ready for the day - I'm in less pain, more alive and awake with a better attention span.   Stephanie has a wonderful voice, she is so helpful talking us through our breathing.  She is relaxing and helps us focus on our bodies, listening to our bodies, getting in touch with our bodies, learning how to be nice to ourselves and our bodies.   I wish we had yoga every day.

Addiction Recovery Patient, 2017

After yoga I feel awesome, relaxed and calm and I’m more aware of my body. Stephanie is very pleasant, soothing, informative and has intrigued my interest to further pursue meditation and yoga on my own time, which has been extremely helpful. 

Pain Management and Recovery Patient, 2017